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What are some of the Best Healthy Snacks to Lose Weight?

Lose weight with these healthy snacks

Everyone likes to grab a snack between meals, and munch on it to replenish the lost energy. Those who are habituated to a daily snacking routine often find it tough to satisfy their hunger as well as lose weight. However, snacking need not necessarily be an unhealthy habit. There are plenty of healthy snacks that you can gorge on between meal times and give your metabolism a push that is big enough to aid in weight loss. Find out about a few of these.

Fruits rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C can dilute any of the fat stored within the body, and affecting its activity. The fat deposits in the body are dissolved more easily. Fruits rich in Vitamin C and fiber include tangerines, tomatoes, lemons, papayas, sweet limes, guava, grapefruits and oranges. Citrus fruits that are packed with Vitamin C and fiber are regarded as healthy snacks due to their capacity to burn fat.

A healthy amount of Vitamin C is needed by the body for proper fat burning. Due to the manufacturing of carnitine – a type of amino acid – due to the intake of Vitamin C, fat burning is easier.


It is often a part of Low Carb diet. Nuts are a perfect snack to boost your metabolism and make you feel fuller faster. Keep in mind that you should avoid having any processed or salted nuts while snacking. Organic almonds are the most perfect choices for nuts as snacks.


These fruits are rich in pectin, a type of chemical that reduces the fat absorption abilities of the cells. Apples also make you eat less, as the high fiber content in them make you feel fuller much faster. The cellulite stored in the body also gets dispersed as the food absorbs water from the system.


This is another snack to help you lose weight. Avocados provide your body with healthy unsaturated fats, which happen to be the right type of fat and beneficial for your well being. Avocados are also packed with Vitamin C, Potassium and fiber.

Green Bean Chips

These are a healthier substitute for potato chips, and can give you a good reason to take up eating green beans once more. These can be found at local health food stores, and are available with a salty, crunchy flavor. This healthier snack is also available in numerous grocery stores, where these are fast replacing standard potato chips.


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The 5 healthy benefits following a Mediterranean Diet Plan that should convince you

The Mediterranean Diet and its delicious recipes – something you can eat your whole life.

The Mediterranean diet is a normal eating practice in it’s countries originating such as Italy, France or Greece. But even if you don’t live in the mediterranean, you can change your diet and enjoy this healthy lifestyle. According to research, the mediterranean diet encourages healthy weight loss and really helps to reduce risks of several life-threatening diseases. Here are five of the best great things about following this diet.


  1. Fast Weight Loss

Following the mediterranean diet the right way will give you a promising and constant result in losing weight. There is no need of taking any diet pill and you don’t have to starve to lose your long gained pounds. The weight loss rates will certainly vary on how your metabolism works and how much sports or movement at all you include in your lifestyle, many have reported losing typically ten pounds a month. As the mediterranean diet is a normal and well balanced eating lifestyle, there will be no risk of a onesided diet like other famous diets include who proclaim having a fast weight loss result. To the opposite,  your body will benefit from the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs. If you are following the many yummy recipes found in the Mediterrenean diet books that exist on the market, you will not go wrong. Overall your body and health will benefit from losing pounds.


  1. Good Heart Health

One of the key success elements of the mediterrenean diet is the positive results it has on the heart health. The mediterranean diet plan includes many unsaturated fatty acids like native olive oil, vegetables, fruit and seafood like anchovy for example. Scientists found out, that a moderate amount of wine is healthy for your heart, dementia, cancer and kidney diseases were found out to be rarer with moderate wine drinkers. Polyphenols and anthocyanins are the active agents behind this healthy outcome when you drink a glass of wine with your meal. It was said that red wine would include more healthy polyphenols but new insights show, that white wine acts even better against having an infarct. All of these steps help lower cholesterol and will help keep the blood flow at a normal level.

  1. Lower Cancer Risks

Cancer happens out of many reasons and the way we eat is one of them. This all certainly depends on the individual, but you can also change a lot to the good in the way you eat. The major part of your diet should include healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, pulses such as beans, lentils and peas which make a great part of the mediterranean diet. But also fish which include unsaturated fatty acids as well as native oils such as olive oil, linseed oil and safflower oil.


  1. Prevent Gallstones

If you know, how painful it feels having gallstones and there would be something to prevent this hurtful experience, I am sure you would try this. Many studies are being conducted to help find the cause and the necessary cure. If you imagine that alone in the U.S., 1.8 Million people are being hospitalized per year with gallstones according to the ncbi (National Institute of Health) where as some 800 000 operations are performed per year (US News Health) besides all painful effects this has on the people, imagine the effects on the health system like the costs. Though gallstones are not always diet related, consuming the mediterranean diet which includes nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish and oil and food rich in fiber can help to reduce the risk or even eliminate gallstones according to recent studies. * In this Article it is also of outmost importance to include physical activity into your daily life.

*(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Diet, physical activity, and gallstones—a population-based, case-control study in southern Italy


  1. Lower Blood Pressure

Many studies prove, that eating food with polyunsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids are not only good for your whole metabolism such as your heart and other organs but also for your blood circulation pressure. Your blood cholesterol amounts can normalize when consuming a mediterranean based diet which includes less salt and fatty foods and more healthy foods. If you follow the mediterranean way of cooking which includes grilling instead of frying, more nutrition will be retained in the meals during cooking and less fat consumption as a huge side effect is a plus point too.

The mediterranean diet holds many benefits to your health. Diseases like blood stream clotting can be reduced, risk of diabetes is deeper, summarised the risk of getting a metabolic syndrome is much lower when eating the mediterranean diet. Don’t wait any longer, try out the delicious diet recipes that the mediterranean diet holds for your healthy weight loss today.



Successful Weightloss – Avoid these Mistakes

There are times on your weight loss journey when progress can come to a halt. Days or weeks can go by without you seeing movement on the scale, and it can get downright frustrating. Certain patterns that can cause this weight loss stoppage. Here are 3 of those patterns.

1) Eating more than you think you are.

Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Zone Delivery Service, and other diet systems have one undeniable benefit to them. They define for the average person how large the actual serving size is. Most of us underestimate the volume of food we eat (and consequently, underestimate the number of calories we consume in a day).

By fixing in your head what a serving size or proportion of food looks like, we can better estimate (and consequently, evaluate and calibrate) the amount of food we eat at each meal. Keep in mind, when it comes to weight loss, you need to take in less calories than you burn each day.

Two good rules of thumb:

  1. A portion of meat (3 oz.) is the size of a deck of cards.
  2. A portion of carbohydrates (1 cup) is the size of a tennis ball.


Please remember to fill up on non-starchy vegetables as they are full of nutrients, have very little impact on blood sugar, and contain little in the way of calories.

2) Not eating frequently enough.

It is a social custom to eat three meals a day. While this may do for social purposes, for weight loss, you will want to aim for more frequent food intake. It is recommended that you consume a minimum of 5-6 small meals each day. By doing so, your body gets the signal that food is abundant, and there is no need to conserve energy.

Additionally, frequent feedings maximize your metabolism, as your body is constantly busy, burning calories by digesting your meals. By not letting too much time pass between meals, you stabilize blood sugar levels since they never really get the chance to drop. By keeping your blood sugar stable, your hunger levels are minimized, decreasing the chances that you will be tempted to overeat at your next meal.

3) Choosing to drink your calories instead of eating them.

This is a very common problem among those attempting weight loss with diet smoothies, protein concoctions, and weight loss shakes. There are 2 factors to keep in mind when relying on these liquid meal replacements.

First, many of the liquid diet shakes on the market and all fruit smoothies have an abundance of sugar in them. This causes an immediate surge in energy followed by a huge crash due to the release of insulin to control the blood sugar rise. This dramatic shift in blood hormone levels (particularly insulin levels) is something you want to avoid, both for health reasons and for weight loss.

Secondly, most weight loss shakes are devoid of fiber. Fiber is one of your most precious allies when you are dieting. It helps you feel full and blunts the rise in insulin levels when all that sugar hits your bloodstream. While fruit smoothies do contain some of the fiber from the pulp of the fruit, a better strategy would be to eat the actual fruits contained in the smoothie.

Lastly, the amount of calories that can be concentrated into a shake or smoothie is far greater than the equivalent volume of actual food.  A 16 oz fruit smoothie may contain as many as 600 calories, and will not fill you up all that much! On the other hand, eating 600 calories of fruit will prove to be much more than the typical person can manage in a single sitting (at least, I personally don’t know anyone that can eat more than 2 pounds of bananas at a single sitting!).

Think about it- when making major dietary changes, you want to get the most out of your calories. Wouldn’t you rather fill up, rather than drink something and be hungry again soon after?



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