Selfhypnosis – Gastric Bypass Seminar by Rena Greenberg

Gastric Bypass Home System

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools that work in weight loss and this is scientifically proven. I have had great success in self-hypnosis. This is why I am recommending Rena Greenberg’s program here. Being a Hypnotherapist, I can only recommend Hypnosis for weight loss.

Get 4 CD’s of Rena Greenberg’s Gastric Bypass Self-Hypnosis Home System and as a Free Bonus her wonderful book: The Craving Cure Book: Break the Hold Carbs and Sweets Have on Your Life by Rena Greenberg

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Gastric Bypass Hypnotic Surgery Face to Face

Your personal hypnosis will improve your success in losing weight, a personal hypnosis is definitely bringing you the best results and on top of all, you will get your self-hypnosis CD’s in addition, so that you can listen to it every day.

Get your Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Sessions Face to Face with Rena Greenberg. Sessions will be held over Phone, Skype or Face Time. Also included: The Gastric Bypass Home System – Self-Hypnosis CD’s to deepen your Hypnosis and as a extra Bonus: The Craving Cure Book: Break the Hold Carbs and Sweets Have on Your Life by Rena Greenberg

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Scientifically proven – You get best results in weight loss with Hypnosis

Rena’s Gastric Bypass Surgery Hypnosis Session is a revolutionary process that can help individuals with problems losing weight. You can actually lose the weight and keep it off. Our process uses clinical hypnosis to replicate the effects of actual surgical gastric banding, but without the wide array of side effects that the surgery can cause.

Rena Greenberg is a world renowned hypnotherapist specializing in gastric bypass hypnosis.

Gastric bypass hypnosis with Rena is now available in face to face sessions or Skype and phone sessions. Or you can get all the benefits of Rena’s popular and effective gastric bypass hypnosis with her state of the art at-home system. Take a look at what people say about Rena’s amazing programs!

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